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Supreme Court tells Democrats: “Even in a Pandemic, the constitution cannot be put away.”

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In a statement that will reverberate across the disputed Presidential Campaign, the Supreme Court of the United States has reminded the Democrats that the Constitution is the highest law of the land in the US.

Making the statement in relation to a ruling shooting down unconstitutional Democrat lockdown restrictions, the public admonition serves as a warning to the Democrats over their rushing through of election rule changes without democratic oversight.

Democrat judges who jam through law changes by dictate have been put on notice that what they have done is a direct contravention of the US constitution.

See tweet from Governor Kristi Noem:

The Supreme Court has also positioned themselves to catch any legal cases making it through to the law circuits in the disputed states.

Last week it was reported that each of the three Supreme Court justices appointed by Donald Trump, as well as Biden’s nemesis Justice Clarence Thomas, assigned themselves the jurisdiction to rule on cases in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, and Georgia.

The statement comes after a Federal Judge called a halt on all election certifications in Pennsylvania citing extreme voting impropriety.

In response to the Supreme Court statement, as well as the Federal rulings President Trump held a thanksgiving press conference, here are some highlights:

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