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Bumbling Biden beckons bloodshed as dangerous Brexit statements stoke Fenian fires

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Ever since the Democratic Candidate for President refused to answer a BBC inquiry, stating “BBC? I’m Irish” Britain has been on notice that the US is going to be hostile to the UK under a Biden win in the hotly contested US election.

Ever since this response to an innocuous question the danger of a Biden Presidency to peace in Northern Ireland has been obvious.

Like his political partner Barack Obama, who famously removed a bust of Winston Churchill from the White House, Biden hates Britain, and it shows.

Given the irregularities in voting counts in Democrat run states in the recent US Presidential election, it is obvious that the Democrats don’t respect democracy, and so it is little wonder that Biden has so little respect for Brexit, or the vote that led to it, or the voters that voted for it, or the country that is carrying it out.

This latest intervention from Beijing Biden tops the lot, though. Here is a man who is like a child sticking his finger in a plug socket.

He doesn’t understand the danger he is creating, he only knows that when he does it he gets attention, and so he continues with these dangerous, unstatesmanlike interventions.

His handlers should put him back in the basement.

Watch Biden say to the BBC “I’m Irish”:

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