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11 year old children set ‘Hardcore Pornography homework’ – this is state sanctioned Sexual Abuse

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The warnings of Mary Whitehouse have been made manifest in this latest sign of the degeneration of our society.

Left-wing teachers aren’t just propagandising our children with socialist, race-based ideology, they are also setting homework asking pupils to define types of hardcore Pornography.

The porno homework was given to children in a Hull Comprehensive school.

The children were aged 11 to 14.

Principal Chay Bell inexplicably explained the disgusting action by stating “the assignment did not require internet research as the answers were in the material the pupils were sent.”

Leon Dagon was “flabbergasted” when he saw his 13-year-old sister’s homework.

“The work is part of pupils’ Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) learning,” the school said.

The students were asked to “define topics including hardcore pornography, soft pornography as well as female genital mutilation and breast ironing.”

They were also asked, “questions about alcohol, drugs, and smoking, as part of the homework.”

Mr. Dagon said: “My little sister knows make-up and TikTok at the age of 13. She doesn’t know about hardcore porn and then asking her to define it.

“The majority of children nowadays will now go on the internet to help them with their homework and if you type that kind of thing on the internet, God knows what’s going to pop up.”

Mr. Bell said: “I am genuinely sorry if parents or students have unnecessarily researched any of these phrases and for any offense caused by this mistake.”

He said students “were not directed to research these topics themselves on the internet because all the answers to the questions posed are contained in the teacher-produced materials we shared”.

The work was in line with government guidance, but he added: “I have asked that no future PSHE materials contain any potentially sensitive content and will ensure all materials are fully age-appropriate.”

A spokesman for the Department for Education said it was a matter for the school and had no further comment to make.

See excerpt from the homework sheet below;

What on earth is going on in our education system? Why are teachers exposing children to such highly sexualised content? Why are we teaching children about Pornography when literacy and numeracy levels are collapsing?

The British Education system is a cancer on the nation.

The MET police guidelines on what constitutes Child Sexual Abuse:

Sexual abuse is when a child is enticed or forced to take part in sexual activities. This kind of abuse does not always involve a high level of violence and the child may or may not be aware of what is happening.

The abuse may be committed by adult men and women, or by other children.

Examples of sexual abuse are:

causing or inciting a child to watch or engage in sexual activities
encouraging a child to behave in sexually inappropriate ways
involving a child in looking at sexual images or videos
involving a child in the production of sexual images or videos
grooming a child in preparation for abuse (including via the internet)
Signs and symptoms of sexual abuse in children can include:

extreme reactions such as depression, self-mutilation, suicide attempts, running away, overdoses, or anorexia
personality changes such as becoming insecure or clinging
being isolated or withdrawn
medical problems such as chronic itching, pain in the genitals, or venereal diseases
The above are just a few examples. Another form of sexual abuse is child sexual exploitation.

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