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Greece and Austria urge EU member states to adopt a Covid vaccination certificate

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Greece and Austria are urging other European Union states to adopt a common Covid vaccination certificate.
Greece and Israel already have digital vaccination certificates.

However, France and Germany are cautious, as the data on infectiousness is incomplete.
There are also concerns that enabling a vaccinated minority to enjoy foreign travel while others continue to face restrictions would be seen by many as discriminatory.

Another concern is the increasing spread of more contagious Covid variants including the English, South African, and Brazilian variants. This means people will most likely need booster injections to continue being protected

According to the Greek Deputy Prime Minister Akis Skertsos, a common digital certificate “is not discriminatory at all”. He told the BBC that non-vaccinated tourists could also visit Greece this summer, but the procedure for them would be slower – they would have to be tested and might have to self-isolate on arrival.

Greece and Cyprus have agreed to permit Covid-negative Israeli tourists this summer and those who can prove their status with the Israeli “green” digital certificate.

Greek Tourism Minister Harry Theocharis said a similar deal may be reached with the UK. However, the UK government has not yet approved any vaccination certificate, nor has it given the go-ahead for foreign holidays.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz tweeted that they were considering a digital Green Pass similar to Israel.
Kurz: “That should allow you to prove, on your mobile phone, that you’ve been tested, inoculated, or have recovered [from Covid]. Our goal: to avoid a lengthy lockdown and finally enable freedom to travel again in the EU, and freedom to enjoy events and cuisine.”


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