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British lorry driver ATTACKED by group of 15 violent migrants in FRIGHTENING attempt to jump into his cab in Calais (VIDEO)

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British lorry driver ATTACKED by a group of 15 violent migrants in a FRIGHTENING attempt to jump into his cab in CALAIS

The 57-year old Andy Couper, a lorry driver from Dorset was hit with bricks and rocks as he queued in Calais. The driver was left with blood pouring down his face after being attacked.


Migrants smashed the passenger window and tried to jump in (Source: Andy Couper)

Another British trucker Greg West captured video footage this week showing a gang of migrants stealing fruits and toilet roll at his cab and banging on the doors.

The victim warned that there is a surge of attacks and that truckers are being regularly threatened and physically attacked by migrants

It is suspected that illegal groups are making more forceful attempts to board lorries because it has become more difficult to cross the Channel on the boat.

Speaking of a moment when the incident happened Andy told the Daily Telegraph how he was attacked as he waited in traffic.

He stated: “I could sense someone trying to get into the lorry. I looked down and within seconds there were 15 of them laughing at me.

“The next minute I hear someone hit the truck and the second after that, the whole passenger window caves in.

“They all try to jump into the cab. I drive off slowly with my hand on the horn to attract attention to anyone in the area. But there are no police.

“Another brick came through and I managed to drive off slowly and they started to attack the truck behind me.”

Thankfully, during a customs check at the port, a heart monitor check showed no migrants were present on board. 

When another lorry was opened next to him, ‘’there were loads of migrants in there,” – Couper stated. 

He added: “They are just running riot around Calais. I think someone one day will get killed.

“There hasn’t been a problem for about three years at the port but now it is just as bad as it ever was.”

Road Haulage Association confirms that the attacks are becoming more frequent and truck drivers are being targeted during this peak season. 

It appears that people smugglers changed their strategy to using violence towards the drivers, to threaten them into taking migrants on board, amid fear that crossing the channel will be much harder, once the UK leaves the EU.

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